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Form Us With Love and +Halle worked together to create a collection that could help foster conversation and collaboration more easily.


The Torno series is designed to enable break-out areas, making it simple to create public amenities by configuring a set of lightweight and durable chairs, sofas, and tables. With Torno, you can facilitate a terrace, lounge, square, or dining space based on a flexible system. The guiding theme for the Torno series is the purpose of mobility. Simple, effortless, and without snobbery, the series offers aluminium chairs and tables that easily adjust to individual needs.

With chairs designed in open backrest configurations, the collection supports self-determined lives, giving the user a range of options, as the chair encourages people to sit in a range of ways and not just straight on facing the table directly in front of them. Moveable chairs and tables allow different people to make the space their own—providing a good seating experience in an airport, a café, park, or studio.


Torno series includes chairs, stools and sofas, as well as two different sized tables. The collection has indoor and outdoor possibilities, offered with a range of upholstery options to choose from, making the collection easily adaptable to all types of spaces. The utility aspects of the Torno series come as a result of several years of research into the typology of public seating, engaging the user to become an active part of any environment.

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