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Design is our method for improving life. We strive to create solutions to complex problems while keeping our designs at a human scale. We believe our approach to design advances industries. Design is our way of forging real change.

Form Us With Love is an international design studio founded in 2005. At the studio’s core lies a process that blends traditional creative practices with a lean, strategic application. The central intention is to evolve with the needs of each project, its place in the market, and the ever-changing needs of real people.

We design for an important reason: to improve life overall. That idea on its own is vast and difficult to tackle; progress is a constant game of one step forwards and two steps back. People have different needs than a business has, though much of it overlaps. And what is a solution for the planet now has to be taken into the context of the centuries it might be around. We consider a lot of elements when designing a product — sustainability being chief among them. Each solution we find gets added to our broader knowledge, so we’re not starting from zero when we arrive at a brand new problem.

We aim to design real change by understanding industry and culture, systemic change that has implications across life’s various sectors. To do this, we identify industrial opportunities that can solve social needs and design solutions with a balanced use of resources. This results in necessary, high-quality products that deliver business growth and create real change.


FUWL was named in the top five of Fast Company’s prestigious annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Design Companies for 2020.

FUWL Studio

We are based in Stockholm, but our mindset is global. Our studio is where we futurise, conceptualise, and prototype. Our international team comes from vastly different backgrounds but share one common goal: to improve life by means of design. In doing so, we aim to raise the bar of what’s expected from a design studio.

Jonas Pettersson
CEO / Co–Founder


Jonas acts as Form Us With Love’s primary design strategist, defining the overall vision that informs the studio’s work with partners and the ventures pursued in house. In addition to being vital in fostering their capable design team, he shares his unique knowledge of design and its business to emerging brands and industry leaders, communicating Form Us With Love’s vision of designing real change. Jonas is from Norrköping, Sweden.

John Löfgren
Creative Director / Co-Founder


Operating as Form Us With Love’s design director, John brings an innate understanding of materials and production techniques to a project, determining innovative ways to create impact through small means. His approach to design is one that relies on intense hands-on preparatory work, visualising opportunities for Form Us With Love and their partners to align to. John is from Stockholm, Sweden.

Boaz Katz
Design Manager


Boaz possesses a quick witted resourcefulness that elevates the technical aspect of Form Us With Love’s design process, where he focuses on the expression and character of the object. His keen attention to detail, in particular, informs his ability to ally himself with Form Us With Love’s and their partners’ visions. Boaz is from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Karin Blomberg
Design Manager


Karin’s role as a project manager at Form Us With Love retains many components of her previous role as project manager and brand strategist. Her understanding of market trends and ability to synthesize successful brand elements add to the studio’s overall design repertoire. Karin’s study of human behavior and user needs are a benefit to our work, making our current approach a more holistic tool to design real change for and with both brands and consumers. Karin is from Stockholm, Sweden.

Liisa Widstrand
Design Manager


Liisa is a Design Manager at Form Us With Love. Her previous experience as an Industrial Design teacher at Konstfack in Stockholm lends FUWL a uniquely multifaceted edge on their work with their partners. She leads projects with a sharp eye on the design methods and processes used and how to make them more equitable to the environment. Liisa is from Stockholm, Sweden.

Hye Jin Ahn
Senior Designer


Hye Jin’s work is characterised by an acutely developed aesthetic eye, aided by a distinct grasp of materials which finds her taking an active part in Form Us With Love’s prep work. Her keen sensibilities inform the final design in all its details. Hye Jin is from Seoul, South Korea.

Christian Fiebig
Senior Industrial Designer


Christian’s skill set coincides well with Form Us With Love’s iterative approach to design; developing multiple perspectives and solutions at increasingly higher fidelities. As a part of the team, he works closely with their partners’ product developers to evolve their ideas. Christian is from Stuttgart, Germany.

Christian Sjöström
Industrial Designer


Christian’s work at Form Us With Love is part of their hands-on design process. His skill for taking a raw idea from concept to initial prototype helps them explore the full scope of a brief’s potential and, with their partners, develop products to a higher caliber. Christian is from Gothenburg, Sweden.

Gabriel Follonier
Industrial Designer


Gabriel is involved with the design direction of Form Us With Love’s projects. In that capacity, he excels in finding smart solutions to technical problems that arise during the framing and realisation of FUWL’s work. He also contributes to focusing the studio’s vision in view of our partners’ briefs. Gabriel is from Lausanne, Switzerland.

Stefano Calia
Industrial Designer


Stefano is an Industrial Designer at Form Us With Love. His knack for finding function and purpose in a design while maintaining a certain aesthetic have a noted impact on FUWL’s projects with their partners. His work at the studio helps shape the infrastructure that is necessary for their multi-faceted design. Stefano is from Novazzano, Switzerland.

Allon Libermann
Design Manager


Allon’s ability for critical, synthetic design pushes Form Us With Love’s work steadily ahead. He accepts the ambiguous nature of their projects and focuses on helping the studio convert indefinite, high-level ideas into concrete deliverables with their partners. Allon is from Boston, USA.

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